Military Terms. Bowyer (En-En)

Dictionary of Military Terms. Over 6,000 words clearly defined. Richard Bowyer (Author).

English is the language most frequently used in international military and peacekeeping operations. This dictionary contains over 6,000 entries providing up-to-date coverage of British, American and international military vocabulary, including training, personnel, logistics, manoeuvres, vehicles, tactics, commands, weapons and equipment.

Dictionary of Military Terms (Bowyer, Richard‎ Bloomsbury Reference; 3rd edition (August 1, 2005). Англо-английский военный учебный словарь по военной терминологии для изучающих английский.

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Historical Linguistics (En-En)

A Glossary of Historical Linguistics by Lyle Campbell & Mauricio J. Mixco (Eng-Eng)

Edinburgh University Press

Historical Linguistics – the study of language change – is a major field in linguistics. With its long history and numerous subfields of its own, Historical Linguistics provides challenges to both beginning students and scholars not specialized in this field. This Glossary meets these challenges by providing accessible and widely representative definitions, discussion, and examples of key terms and concepts used in the field. It is written by two well-known authorities in this field. The book is extremely valuable to anyone wishing to understand historical linguistic terminology and concepts.

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Mostitsky | Electronica (En-Ru)

Мостицкий И. Л. Англо-русский энциклопедический словарь по радиоэлектронике.
Толковый, переводческий, иллюстрированный, мультимедийный. Исправленный и дополненный, 24-е (электронное) издание.

Версия: 24.0

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