McGraw-Hill Illustrated Dictionary of Aviation (En-En)

By Bharat Kumar, Dale DeRemer, Douglas Marshall
McGraw-Hill, 2005

Illustrated Dictionary of Aviation is an A-Z compilation of terms, definitions and illustrations, spoken in the aviation world. In general aviation, commercial airline, and military sectors. It can be used as dictionary, as reference, and as a learning tool. Education facilities, both academic and flight-training schools, could utiutilizep-to-date information and terminology.

More than 7,400 terms and meanings define the scope of aviation today.
2,400 illustrations illuminate every aspect of aviation.

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Авиатермины (Афанасьев) (Ru-En)

Афанасьев Г.И. Русско-английский сборник авиационно-технических терминов. Издание 4-е, Авиаиздат, 1995.

Содержит свыше 50 тыс. терминов и терминологических выражений по конструкции, оборудованию, летной эксплуатации, наземному обслуживанию и ремонту самолетов и вертолетов.

Версия (обработки): 3.0

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