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The collection has more than 1700 dictionaries totaling over 186 GB. Only some part of the dictionaries may be downloaded free of charge from this site. The rest of the dictionaries available here may be downloaded after subscription. The subscription terms may vary from time to time depending on the circumstances.

The list of the dictionaries and information on the size of the folders, as of January 3, 2022, can be found here.


How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription for the folders:

  1. En-En (English) — €7.00 EUR
  2. En-Ru (English – Russian) — €4.00 EUR
  3. Ru-En (Russian – English) — €4.00 EUR
  4. Ru-Ru (русские) — €3.00 EUR
  5. Plus (special dictionaries En-En / En-Ru / Ru-En / Ru-Ru) — €4.00 EUR
  6. Mova (see the list of languages below – MOVA Folder) — €7.00 EUR


ALL folders — €14.00 EUR

You can subscribe to one folder, a package of several folders you need, or all folders.

The subscription period makes 1 month.

After the first subscription, the cost of the following subscription (continuation) may depend on discounts provided (on the number of folders, repeated subscription to the same folders). Instead of discounts, the subscription period may be prolonged.


How can I transfer money?

PayPal — You can pay (in EUR, USD) either through this page (paypal.me/dictionaries) or

Visa bank card — please request the card details to pay to.


What shall I do after paying and getting access to dictionaries?

After making your payment, you will receive (as a rule, within a few hours; maximum — a day) a confirmation letter with information on access to the dictionaries you subscribed to (a download link will be sent to you). If during the day you have not received any message from us, please write us a letter (see the address above in the Contact section).

After you receive the link to download dictionaries, select everything you need in the cloud storage and download them to your computer or smartphone. The link may change from time to time, so if it suddenly turns out to be not active, please contact the administrator at the address in the Contact section of the site.

After downloading, you will only have to keep track of new dictionaries or updates on this site, and download them following the links given in their annotations.

Please note that some dictionaries are here in zipped form (due to hosting restrictions on the maximum file size of 2 GB). After downloading, you can find them by searching by file extension (*.zip or *.rar) or by size (> 1 GB).

You can use comment windows on the site posts to leave your opinions and questions (registration is not required).

PLUS Folder

The PLUS folder, as of January 03, 2022, includes a number of special dictionaries of restricted distribution of more than 24 GB:

• PDF & e-books
• Progs
• 505 Business English Idioms
• En-En English Bad language.mdx
• En-En Longman Visual Dictionary
• En-En The illustrated dictionary of electronics.jpg
• En-En The illustrated dictionary of electronics.mdx
• En-En_Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
• En-En_F-word (18+)
• En-En_Oxford Primary
• En-Ru_Americana
• En-Ru_AmericanSlang (18+)
• En-Ru_Dirty_English
• En-Ru_Electronics_Kochergin
• En-Ru_Most_Obscene
• En-Ru_Mostitsky_Electronica
• En-Ru_Mostitsky_Electronica_Reader
• En-Ru_Obscene Language
• En-Ru_Воентех-Киселев
• Ru-En_Katzner
• Ru-En_Military
• Ru-En_Most_Obscene
• Ru-En_Mostitsky_Esoterica
• Ru-En_Mostitsky_Pictures
• Ru-En_Oxford Russian Dictionary
• Ru-En_Pizdets
• Ru-En_SXL
• Ru-La_Латинские изречения
• Ru-Ru_БСРП (18+)
• Ru-Ru_Жгучий_глагол (18+)
• Ru-Ru_Живая речь
• Ru-Ru_Зугумов — Русскоязычный жаргон (18+)
• Ru-Ru_Орфография (18+)
• Ru-Ru_Синонимы русские (18+)
• Ru-Ru_Феня (18+)

MOVA Folder

The MOVA folder, as of January 03, 2022, includes 54 languages (with a different number of dictionaries) of more than 36 GB. List of the languages:

• [AR] Arabic
• [AZ] Azerbaijan
• [BE] Belarusian
• [BG] Bulgarian
• [BO] Tibetan
• [CH] Chinese
• [CS] Czech
• [CYM] Welsh
• [DA] Danish
• [DE] Deustch
• [EL] Greek
• [EO] Esperanto
• [ES] Spanish
• [Fas] Persian
• [Fl] Finnish
• [FR] French
• [HE] Hebrew
• [HI] Hindi
• [HR] Croatian
• [HU] Hungarian
• [IND] Indonesian
• [IS] Icelandic
• [IT] Italian
• [IW] Hebrew
• [JA] Japanese
• [KK] Kazakh
• [KO] Korean
• [LA] Latin
• [LT] Lithuanian
• [LV] Latvian
• [MAL] Malayalam
• [MK] Macedonian
• [MSA] Malay
• [NEP] Nepali
• [NL] Dutch
• [NO] Norwegian
• [PI] Pali
• [PL] Polski
• [PT] Portuguese
• [RO] Romanian
• [SA] Sanskrit
• [SK] Slovak
• [SL] Slovenian
• [SQ] Albanian
• [SR] Serbian
• [SV] Swedish
• [SW] Swahili
• [TG] Tajik
• [TR] Turkish
• [TT] Tatar
• [UK] Ukrainian
• [UR] Urdu
• [UZ] Uzbek
• [VN] Vietnamese
and others.

Still have questions?

For the contact address, please see the Contact page.

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