Macmillan English Dictionary (En-En)

MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary now contains a wealth of new material, while building on the innovative features that won it two prestigious awards.

The most frequent 7,500 words in English — the ideal vocabulary size for an advanced learner — are printed in red, graded with stars, and explained with extra detail about how you should use them.

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Macmillan Essential (En-En)

Macmillan Essential Dictionary, 52200 entries © Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2003

The Macmillan Essential Dictionary offers detailed information on the core vocabulary that intermediate learners need most for writing and speaking English.

Англо-английский универсальный толковый словарь «Macmillan Essential» — для тех, кто хочет говорить и писать на английском без ошибок. Словарь рассчитан на средний (Intermediate) уровень владения языком.

Version (processing): 2.2
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