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MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary now contains a wealth of new material, while building on the innovative features that won it two prestigious awards.

The most frequent 7,500 words in English — the ideal vocabulary size for an advanced learner — are printed in red, graded with stars, and explained with extra detail about how you should use them.

Version (of processing) / Версия (обработки): 2.0
Format / Формат: ABBYY Lingvo DSL
Processed by / Обработка — ramix, 2016–2018

Modified First / Начало обработки: 24.08.2016
Modified Last / Последние изменения: 19.06.2018
Headings (headwords) / Заголовков: 63446
Cards (entries) / Карточек: 57758

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  • The number of people learning English around the world today is vast, and Macmillan is very much in tune with the broad range of levels, ages, cultural backgrounds and motivation that these learners encompass. With this in mind, Macmillan has created a series of dictionaries which respond to the differing needs of learners worldwide.

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