Medical. Dorlands. 2011 (En-En)

Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 32nd Edition

This new edition of Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary carries on a tradition of excellence that stretches back for more than a century. Its nearly 124,000 entries are by far the largest number to be found in a single-volume medical dictionary. The entries are enhanced by 1525 illustrations, nearly all in full color, each chosen for its ability to clarify the description given in the definition.

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Mostitsky | Electronica (En-Ru)

Мостицкий И. Л. Англо-русский энциклопедический словарь по радиоэлектронике.
Толковый, переводческий, иллюстрированный, мультимедийный. Исправленный и дополненный, 24-е (электронное) издание.

Версия: 24.0

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