Proverb Hunter. 2020 (En-En)

“Proverb Hunter started as an effort to bring popular wisdom in a collection of English proverbs with easy to understand meaning explanations and examples of the proverbs in the real life use to the whole world. After that it expanded with English idioms and famous quotes with meaning explanation.”

Версия (обработки): 1.1.202308111328
Начало обработки: 10.08.2023
Обработка: LGFox / ramix & co.
Конвертор: Bombist1 — Version: 1.1 (10 August 2020)
Заголовков: 4366
Карточек: 2550
Папка: En-En > Special\Slang, Idioms, Bad Words > Proverb Hunter

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