Translation & Interpreting (En-En)

A Dictionary of Translation and Interpreting by John Laver and Ian Mason

This dictionary began life as part of a much larger project: The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Speech and Language (General Editors John Laver and Ron Asher), involving nearly 40 authors and covering all fields in any way related to speech or language. The project, which from conception to completion lasted some 25 years, was finally delivered to the publisher in 2013. A contract had been signed but unfortunately, during a period of ill health of editor-in-chief John Laver, the publisher withdrew from the contract and copyright reverted to each individual contributor…

Версия (словаря): 1.0

Format: ABBYY Lingvo DSL

Converted by ramix, 2019

Тематика: переводоведение, лингвистика
Целевая аудитория: специалисты, переводчики (18+)

Converted: 15.04.2019
Modified Last: 15.04.20198
Headings (headwords): 1096
Cards (entries): 1029

Условия для скачивания:Подписка

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