NTC’s Idioms Mini (En-En)

NTC’s Super-Mini ENGLISH IDIOMS Dictionary

The dictionary is designed for easy use by lifelong speakers of English, as well as by the new-to-English speaker or learner. Readers who are native speakers of American, Australian, Canadian, or other varieties of English will find the entries fascinating and entertaining. Special features, such as numerous full-sentence examples and a Phrase-Finder Index, make this dictionary uniquely effective for language learners.

Version (of processing) / Версия (обработки): 1.0

Основательно переработанная версия.

Format / Формат: ABBYY Lingvo DSL
Processed by / Обработка — ramix, 2018

Modified Last / Последние изменения: 18.04.2018
Headwords / Заголовков: 3454
Entries / Карточек: 3151

Files Folder / Папка с файлами: Облако > En-En > Universal > NTC’s Mini Idioms

Terms of Download / Условия для скачиванияПодписка

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