Cambridge Learner’s (En-Ru)

Cambridge Learner’s English-Russian Dictionary

The first edition of the semi-bilingual English-Russian version of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary with CD-ROM. This is the first edition of the semi-bilingual Russian version of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, ideal for intermediate to upper-intermediate students. Russian translations are given for every sense, and thesaurus and common error notes give students extra help with producing English. The dictionary is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing the full text of the dictionary, and including SmartThesaurus, QuickFind, recordings of every word in British and American English, plus study material.

Версия (обработки): 4.0
(из линейки Draico > ramix)

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Электроника (Кочергин) (En-Ru)

Кочергин В. И. Большой англо-русский толковый научно-технический словарь компьютерных информационных технологий и радиоэлектроники

В девяти томах. Томск, Издательство Томского университета, 2016

ISBN 978-5-7511-2332-1

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Polytechnical (Ru-En)

The Russian-English Index to the Comprehensive English-Russian Scientific and Technical Dictionary. 125,000 entries.
Русско-английский индекс к «Большому англо-русскому политехническому словарю». 125 тыс. статей.
Большой англо-русский политехнический словарь. © «РУССО», 1997. 200 тыс. слов и словосочетаний.

Версия (обработки): 4.0

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PONS (En-Ru)

Универсальный англо-русский словарь издательства PONS 

The PONS Dictionary English<->Russian CONCISE is a medium-sized dictionary with 285,000 keywords, phrases and translations.
Current and comprehensive vocabulary containing around 125,000 keywords and phrases and more than 160,000 translations.
Everyone who has to continually look up English or Russian terms in everyday life, in their spare time or even in their job.
General and specialized vocabularies from a variety of fields.
With context examples, information on language use and lots of other important information on grammar.

Версия (обработки): 3.0

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